At TravelSpree, we believe travel is not only a gift, but an opportunity.

Price differences abroad can be a major savings opportunity - we can save a lot of money compared to buying the same items at home. But how much can we really save, on which items and brands, and in which countries? The answer: check on TravelSpree!

We find the best deals based on exchange rates and online pricing between your home country and potential destination countries. All prices are from official brand stores online, so no knockoffs here. TravelSpree is neither an online store, nor a middle-man. We're a new kind of international shopping advisor.

And we're just getting started. We have a growing database of 20,000+ products from 12 popular brands across 18 countries. More products, brands, and countries will be added soon. Subscribe to stay up to date!

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Step 1: Go to the TravelSpree homepage and enter the country where you reside.

Step 2: Explore our shopping guide for your home country. Each item has a percentage savings value, corresponding to the difference in online price between the destination country and your home country as well as exchange rates at the time of publication.

Step 3: If you've found an item to purchase, consider the following ways to save:

  • Travel to the selected country and buy online: you can attempt the purchase online, to be shipped to a location within the destination country. If purchasing before you arrive, perhaps you have a friend or relative who can receive the item, or perhaps your hotel can recieve the item and hold it for you. Of course, the arrangement is up to you. But note that you may or may not be able to make the purchase yourself, depending on the policies of the specific website. Before purchasing, we strongly recommend contacting the online retailer in the country in which you intend to ship, as well as all parties involved in getting the item to you.
    *Note: you will be liable for customs duties upon returning to your home country. See section on "Customs duties" below.
  • Travel to the selected country and buy in-store: you may be able to find the item at official brand stores/outlets within the destination country. We strongly recommend contacting the particular store to confirm price, availability, and any other fees associated with the purchase. Perhaps you can have them hold the item for you until you arrive.
    *Note: you will be liable for customs duties upon returning to your home country. See section on "Customs duties" below.
  • Have a friend travel and purchase for you, online or in-store: (see above notes on purchasing online or in-store).
    *Note: your friend will be liable for customs duties upon returning to your home country. See section on "Customs duties" below.

Keep in mind that actual savings will differ due to various factors, including but not limited to:

  • Taxes. This includes national and local sales taxes, Value Added Tax (eligible for refunds, see Rick Steves' guide), etc. To estimate final product cost after taxes, it's best to speak directly with the merchant in the country where you intend to purchase. For more general information online, see this Pitney Bowes chart and Ernst & Young's guide to worldwide sales taxes.
  • Customs duties. When returning to your home country, you may owe a tax on goods purchased abroad. Each country has its own laws and regulations, so it's best to check with your home country's customs office or website. For an overview, see this Wikipedia page.
  • Shipping costs. If you purchase an item online, you may owe shipping costs. Check the shipping policy on the brand's website in the country where you intend to ship.
  • Foreign transaction fees. This is a surcharge that many credit cards and other non-cash payment services tack onto transactions processed outside your home country. Check with your credit card company (or other payment service) for their policy on foreign transactions.
  • Exchange rates. Relative currency values are constantly changing. Check the latest exchange rates with this chart at X-Rates.
  • Price changes and discrepancies. Product pricing can change at any time at the discretion of the brand company, for the purpose of a sale or for any other reason. Check the product pages on the Home and Destination country websites to see the latest online pricing. Or if purchasing in-store, confirm pricing and availability with the specific local store.
  • Travel and other incidental costs. Unless you're in walking distance to the country where you intend to purchase, you will probably have to pay to get there. There may be incidental costs associated with your purchase that will depend on your specific situation and are impossible for us to predict - including hotel costs, local transportation costs, travel insurance, etc. Our advice: travel light and travel wise!


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